Catalonia, Sweden and Norway

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Josep Huguet, former minister of the Government of Catalonia, published an article analysing the notion of fiscal solidarity in Catalonia and drew a comparison with the EU, arguing that “why should Catalonia remain in Europe if it only backs the strong and allows oligarchic minorities to maintain their wealthy lifestyle on the back of the productive hard work of other less eminent people”, and wondering whether Catalans wouldn’t be better off mirroring themselves with Norway rather than Sweden:

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“[Spain] has the longest high speed train track and also the highest and most expensive energy costs too. Then, as a Swedie, I would scratch my head in astonishment and would say to myself: why should I contribute at all to that 1.27% of the European GDP to be sent deep down into any dark bottomless pit like Spain? Being a fair Swedish citizen I wouldn’t be happy if I knew I were to keep paying even one cent devoted to maintaining such an immense absurdity called Spain any longer.

But if I were Catalan instead of Swedish, my contribution to the absurdity of Spain would be so great it would reach between 8% and 10% of GDP. Then I would probably begin to wonder if Europe is really able to fully understand that such extractive oligarchic economies […] must be profoundly changed and thoroughly reoriented.”