Documentary: “Voting is normal in a normal country”

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Un país normal (“A normal country”), a new documentary about the political situation in Catalonia was launched yesterday. It features short interviews with Catalan and Spanish celebrities –journalists, comedians, actors and politicians– who share their opinion about the right of Catalonia to hold a self-determination referendum on November 9.

The film was premiered at a cinema house in Barcelona and Vilaweb published a story about the event:

Vilaweb | Notable Catalan personalities join to champion independence
With a ballot box out front, Òmnium Cultural premiered the documentary “Un país normal” [A normal country] yesterday in the Girona cinema house in Barcelona. The president of the organization, Muriel Casals, posed for the cameras as she deposited a vote in the ballot box. The message was clear: “Voting is normal in a normal country.” Casals was followed by the Minister of the Presidency, Francesc Homs, the Columbia University economist Xavier Sala i Martín and the judge Santiago Vidal, among others. Beyond the demonstration, Òmnium Cultural wants to “normalize” Catalonia’s demands and open the debate about the need to vote on November 9th.