Catalan-speaking MEPs petition Schulz to make a gesture towards Catalan language

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Eight MEPs from four different European parties signed a letter for the newly elected president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, in which they asked for a bigger presence of Catalan language at the European chamber.

Vilaweb | ‘…an old European nation’, the letter MEPs sent to Schulz regarding Catalan language
“We write you as Members from Catalonia and the Valencian Country, an old European nation committed to the European project. Our language is spoken in the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Catalonia and the south of France but it cannot be used in the European Parliament even though it has 10 million speakers and is more used by European citizens than many other official languages.

[…] smart and cost-free solutions could be found in order to let the Catalan language be used in the plenary of the European Parliament. As you may be aware, a big part of the Spanish translators in this house are Catalan speakers, so that is why we would like to propose you to consider making the necessary arrangements for MEPs to be able to speak in Catalan during plenary sessions.”

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