300 years and a referendum

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The Quebecker director Alexandre Chartrand has started a new crowd-funding campaign in order to gather the means to produce a documentary on the Catalan Tercentenary –2014 commemorates the loss of Catalan liberties in 1714– which chronicles the political process currently taking place in Catalonia, from a Quebecker perspective.

Indiegogo | 300 years and a referendum
There are moments in a nation’s life that do not recur. For Catalans, it will be fall 2014. On September 11, they’ll commemorate the tercentenary of the fall of Barcelona and by the same occasion, the 300th anniversary of its annexation to the Kingdom of Spain. A preamble that will give an historical perspective to the referendum of November 9, when they’ll vote on their self-determination.

Our film proposes to take advantage of this extraordinary social and political context to explore the issue of national minorities, as seen through the prisms of Quebec and Catalonia.