Matthew Tree: “The independence process is not a parochial movement, but is open to anyone who wishes to take part”

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mathew-treeMatthew Tree, the English-born, Barcelona-based writer addresses the issue of Catalonia’s image abroad in a new op-ed. Assuming that a “nebulous and vaguely negative image” has replaced the previous general ignorance about this land, the author decided to “clarify the situation for foreigners” by explaining what Catalonia isn’t:

Fundació CatDem | It’s not what you think
“Since the 2012 demonstration, people abroad at least know that Catalonia exists, but have only the haziest of ideas as to what it is. And to explain what it is, we would have to provide information on everything, from the country’s medieval founder Wilfred the Hairy to the latest album by the radical left-wing band Brams, with a passing glance at the history, culture, literature, politics and social structure of the country. Put briefly, we would have to turn into tedious schoolmarms, boring the rear ends off our listeners. Perhaps, then, the best way to clarify the situation for foreigners is to explain what Catalonia isn’t.

First: it is not a prosperous Spanish region which is now calling itself a nation in order to take the money and run (this being the image of Catalonia which seems to be most prevalent in foreign media).”