Spanish police accidentally destroys evidence in neo-Nazi ring case

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Anti-racism activists were dismayed as news broke that guns, machetes and other deadly weapons, as well as copious amounts of Nazi paraphernalia, have allegedly been destroyed by the Spanish police. This material had once belonged to a neo-Nazi ring in the Valencian country, and it constituted the evidence for the hearing which is set to be held in the following days. The story was revealed by the Valencian daily Levante-EMV.

As a part of their xenophobic agenda, neo-Nazi and other far right groups have repeatedly targeted pro-Valencian associations, parties and individuals in the past. Activists and analysts have accused authorities of shying away from thoroughly investigating the presence and seemingly apparent impunity by which far-right groups are spread throughout the Catalan countries, often linked to anti-Catalan, fascistic parties such as España 2000 or Movimiento Nacional Republicano.

Precisely this weekend a racist aggression shocked the country as a group of self-declared Nazis beat up a youngster from Mongolian origin in the metro of Barcelona. The aggression was recorded and put online by one of the thugs, triggering a massive, crowd-sourced search by internet users which led to the identification and arrest of the aggressors by the Catalan police forces. On his online profiles, the author of the video had repeatedly insulted Catalans and leftists alike, as well as threatening them with a “firing squad”.

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