Paul Maskey says Sinn Féin-governed Ireland will be “first to recognise an independent Catalonia”

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The Catalan online daily Vilaweb publishes today an interview with Paul Maskey, Sinn Féin’s MP for Belfast’s West constituency in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Sinn Féin, which advocates for a reunited Ireland, staged remarkable advances during the last European elections, topping the polls in Northern Ireland and in Dublin, and coming the second biggest force in the whole of the Republic.

Vilaweb | Paul Maskey: “If we win, Ireland will be the first to recognize an independent Catalonia”
We’re very much supportive of an independent Catalonia. Again, we would like to see, well now in November there’s going to be, we hope the consultation goes well. 80% of the parties what were elected would be in favor of those consultations. That’s massive. To me, the people have already spoken. And I think that needs to go the right way and I do believe that Madrid needs to recognize that fact, that they need to be pushing that forward and they need to be listening to the Catalan people. So yes, if Sinn Féin was in power in Ireland, we would be very much in support of it.