A lawful referendum to solve the impasse

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We suggest the reading of this op-ed by Josep Ramoneda, which highlights the need for the referendum to be lawful, and warns against the Spanish government’s belief that Catalan separatism is just going to ebb away:

Ara | The referendum and the relation of forces
All the speculations on the Catalan process still revolve around two ancient ideas: either one camp gives up or the other gives in. The Spanish government still thinks that the Catalan independence bid will ebb away. And those who invoke the so-called third ways think that the PP and CiU will soften and the Spanish government will make concessions that are good enough to be presented as a victory in Catalonia. Separatists are here to stay and those who still see what’s happening as mere electoral tactics by CiU are blind: what kind of electoral tactics could be costing CiU such a high price? Madrid won’t lift a finger until the tide turns against them; that is, when the Catalan vote is so eloquent the Europe itself, once again, tells Spain what it must do. Until that day, Spain will remain unfazed. It’s a matter of relation of forces.