Catalan independence as an opportunity for Spain

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Many observers of the Catalonia-Spain conflict argue that a dialogued “third way” is the only way out of the crisis. In an article published by the US-based Wilson Initiative, Princeton University professor Carles Boix holds that a sincere proposal for a third way from the Spanish government “would require a profound paradigm shift among Spanish elites”, but insists that such a change would be welcome not only for Catalans, but also for the whole of Spain:

Wilson Initiative | The Hurdles of a Third Way for Catalonia
“The whole Spanish society may have something to gain by facing what it has always seen as an intractable problem. The need to address it now may be an opportunity to tackle at the same time some very fundamental flaws of an institutional framework that was born of a dictatorship and which retains many of its features. Dealing with the Catalan question today could bring closure to a transition that has lasted far too long and left too many issues unresolved.”