One month in hunger strike for Catalan

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Jaume Sastre’s hunger strike goes on after 30 days. The Majorcan teacher has already lost 15kg since he started his fast one month ago, as he recently explained in his blog. Sastre’s blog postings are growing scarcer due to his weakness. But he wrote a reminder of the reasons behind his protest:

Jaume Sastre | 29th day of hunger strike
“The hunger strike continues. I don’t think I am asking for too much. I am simply calling for the restart of negotiations with the strike committees, which the government interrupted last October. There is an open conflict, with an indefinite strike which hasn’t been called off yet. Negotiations for a satisfactory agreement must be explored at the negotiating table with the strike committees and the trade unions.”

Vilaweb | Hunger strike for Catalan schooling goes into second month
Today is the thirty-day anniversary of the beginning of high school teacher Jaume Sastre’s hunger strike to protest the contempt that the Balearic Islands Government has shown toward the demands and complaints from the education community. One month without food in order to force President José Ramón Bauzà to accept a dialogue with educators that defend a quality public school system taught in the Catalan language. Sastre still has not received any communication from the government, but in contrast, has received many, many messages of solidarity from all over.