“The Catalan Dream”: Independence as an exciting collective project

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The original article at Diari AraFew articles written recently are as elucidatory as Àngel Castiñeira’s excellent The Catalan Dream, published earlier this week at Diari Ara. In his op-ed Castañeira describes Spain’s recent history from the late 90’s up to the current situation, which he describes with these words: “Today Spain does not have a cosmetic problem but, rather, a problem that requires a full refurbish”. The author compares this to Catalans’ expectations nowadays:

Ara | The Catalan Dream
“Spain is now a state without a national vision, while Catalonia is seen as an emerging nation in the process of creating its own. The effects of the crisis are the same for everyone, but the longing and excitement for a new collective project has revived a part of the Catalan citizenry. Presently, engineers, economists, educators, jurists, political scientists, businessmen, experts in public administration, technicians and professionals of all types are carrying out frenetic activity to help design the future foundations of this new state. All the energy, pedagogy, hope, goodwill and professionalism that for three centuries were devoted to the improvement of Spain are now focused on a new dream, a new cause, the Catalan dream. In one case there is emptiness and a loss of self-esteem. In the other, the new energy of someone who is not afraid to think like a state, act like a state and wants to be treated like a new state. It could be the first serious crisis since the Transition in which the Catalans prefer not to intervene nor commit themselves to a profound reformation of the Spanish state.”