Desmond Tutu urges Spain to listen to Catalans

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South African Archbishop and anti-Apartheid activist, Desmond Tutu, has been awarded the XXVI Premi International Catalunya (Catalonia International Prize), the country’s most prestigious award, granted each year to people “whose work has made a decisive contribution to the development of cultural, scientific or human values throughout the world”.

During his address, Desmond Tutu discussed the political situation in Catalonia:

“Common sense seems to say that if the majority of the seven million citizens of Catalunya crave independence, Spain’s central government should listen.The parties should be discussing how independence might best be achieved for Catalans and citizens of the rest of Spain, and what kind of future relationship would benefit most of the people. ” – Desmond Tutu

Here is the full story at the Catalan News Agency: Desmond Tutu openly supports Catalonia’s right to self-determination and asks Spanish Government to talk.

Celebrities for Catalans’ right to decide 

Desmond Tutu is not the first high profile actor to publicly express support to the Catalan self-determination process. The website CataloniaVotes.Eu collects quotations by several other public figures, such as Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, David Cameron and Ban Ki-moon, among several others.