1. Language at core of protests across the Catalan Countries

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The weekend brought yet another wave of protests related to the Catalan language in education, not in Catalonia but in the Balearic Islands and Valencia, where the language is also under severe attack.

Last Friday a group of representatives for organisations, trade unions and leftist parties in Valencia staged a 24-hour hunger strike in support of Jaume Sastre, the Majorcan teacher who today entered his 26th day in his fast to protest the imposition, by the Balearic Islands’ government, of a decree reducing the presence of Catalan language at schools.

Enllaçats per la Llengua | Bound with Jaume Sastre for a dignified education in Catalan!
“[We] denounce that the Valencian government is applying the same measures as the Balearic one, and it denies all dialogue likewise. The Valencian government does not do anything other than multiply conflicts and avoid a dialogue with the affected sectors (censoring [Catalan TV] TV3, shutting down RTVV, attacking education and Catalan language…).”

This protest was followed almost back-to-back by a massive demonstration in Palma on Saturday, plus a few smaller ones in Valencia, as reported by Nationalia and Vilaweb:

Nationalia | Tens of thousands mobilize for Catalan language in Mallorca, Valencian Country
“Weekend marches started in Mallorca’s Palma on Saturday (more than 10,000 participants, according to one of the organizing associations, Obra Cultural Balear, OCB), where more than 20 associations and unions called for an end to attacks against Catalan, the own language of the Balearic Islands. Those attacks are stemming from the Spanish government and courts (Supreme Court rulings against Catalan language immersion in schools, a new Law on education aimed at strengthening the role of Spanish, and burdens against Catalan language TV channels). But attacks are also happening, in the words of OCB President Jaume Mateu, because of decisions made by Balearic institutions, who according to him should “stop legislating against the knowledge [of Catalan], its use and its reputation.”