Meet the new Catalan MEPs

Catalan MonitorSpecial Report

Who are the MEPs who will bring the Catalan case to the European Parliament? What European allegiances do they have? What do they think about Catalonia and the EU? The Catalan News Agency published in their blog, Catalan Views, an article from each of the leading candidates from the Catalan parties. We put some information together plus a quote from the article. Follow the link at the end of the quote for the full article.

Also, find the full EU election results at the 3/24 website.

Josep Maria Terricabras (ERC)

Party: Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya

European Coalition: European Free Alliance

Quote: “We have many problems in Catalonia. Among others: high unemployment rates, social exclusion and few opportunities for our youngsters. Catalan citizens have mobilised themselves strongly to look for solutions from different ideological stances. The greater part of Catalan society has organised itself in order to allow us to decide on our future as a country by voting. We want to decide whether we want to become an independent State. We want to vote to provide ourselves with the necessary tools to govern ourselves and solve our own problems.” – Catalan Views: Catalonia Will Vote

Ramon Tremosa (CiU)
Ramon Tremosa, MEP candidate for CiU
Party: Convergència i Unió

European Coalition: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)

Quote: “The EU should be open-minded and put political pressure on Spain to make Rajoy agree on a negotiated path towards a referendum in Catalonia, as Cameron has done with Scotland. Europe needs to grasp the Catalan will to self-determination as a measure of its success, as an opportunity to show to the world its strength and its commitment to the basic fundamental values of its Treaties. Permitting Catalans to vote would set a model of best practice and show to the world that the European way to deal with political and territorial conflicts is to have full respect for democracy.” – Catalan Views: Catalonia’s process: an opportunity for the EU

Javi López, MEP candidate for PSOE
Javi López (PSOE)

Party: Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE)

European political group: Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D)

Quote: “Europe is currently governed by conservative technocrats. They have prescribed a combination of austerity (cuts to public services) and internal devaluation (cuts to wages) that have led to a significant increase in poverty and unemployment, especially against young people. Inequality has increased between the rich and the poor, between the old and the young, and between the north and the south. Citizens across the union are understandably upset, not just at what decisions have been made, but also how they have been made.” – Catalan Views: Recover the European dream

Ernest Urtasun, MEP candidate for IC-V
Ernest Urtasun (IC-V)

Party: Iniciativa per Catalunya – Verds

European political group: The Greens-European Free Alliance (Greens-EFA)

Quote: “From Catalonia, a small nation in southern Europe integrated within the Spanish State, and from ICV-EUiA, a Green Left political party, we are running in these elections with one central idea: to put an end to the neo-liberal policies that are damaging the dream of a prosperous and socially fair Europe.

In the face of the democratic hijack of European institutions by financial power that ended in deregulation and a dismantling of the Welfare State, it is absolutely necessary to reclaim Europe for its citizens, and to reassert the sovereignty of the people in the process of building Europe. Without democracy there is no progress.” – Catalan Views: For our rights and dignity as citizens

Santi Fisas, MEP candidate for PPSanti Fisas (PP)

Party: Partido Popular

European political group: European People’s Party (EPP)

Quote: “Spain is also at stake. Only the People’s Party guarantees the defence of the interests of a united and plural Spain. The Catalan Government, with its separatist delirium, wants to put Catalonia into a dead end that will provoke the exit from Spain and therefore from the European Union, which would be terribly damaging for the Catalan economy. In the face of this challenge, we are the only party with common sense that will guarantee unity and conviviality. Because together we can go further and, by being integrated within Europe, we will be stronger. In the 21st century borders are an obstacle to growth, and confrontation does not create jobs; neither does it help the economic recovery.” – Catalan Views: The Future is what is at stake

Javier Nart, MEP candidate for CiudadanosJavier Nart (C’s)

Party: Ciutadans

European political group: Non-Attached Members

Quote: “We think that a European project that guarantees its Member State citizens peace, democracy, economic prosperity and social welfare is a capital asset that is too valuable to be abandoned or to be put in the hands of Euro-sceptics and anti-Europeans. For this reason, we the C’s MEPs will be committed to building a Europe of citizens more integrated economically, politically and socially, and we will work for moving forward towards a true political community, towards the United States of Europe.” – Catalan Views: The European Union, a necessity