Thursday, May 22, 2014

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

1. Spanish journalist wishes Majorcan hunger striker’s death

In a shocking statement, journalist Román Piña recently wrote in a column at El Mundo, one of Spain’s major papers, that “he hates” those school teachers & students protesting in the Balearic Islands in favour of Catalan language at school, and that “it would cheer him up” if they were “murdered”:

El Mundo | Yo odio [I hate]
“Not that I want to brag about this, because it is something nasty, but I confess: I also hate. Not too much, but well enough. If today this preacher of xenophobia as well as the green-clad [in reference to hunger striker Jaume Sastre and pro-Catalan language protesters in the Balearic Islands, who wear green t-shirts] starved to death, or were hit by lightning, or even murdered, it could well make me happy. I wouldn’t kill to get rid of the green colour, because it would be a crime. And I would lament the death of some. But without a doubt, I would celebrate the death of a some others.” – Román Piña, journalist

2. Two Valencian families won’t school their kids if Catalan-language education is not provided

Two families from Poble Nou de Benitatxell, in the Valencian Country, have threatened the authorities to remove their children from the schooling system if the Ministry of Education doesn’t back down on the decision of cancelling the Catalan-medium language track at the local school, which is envisioned for the 2014-2015 course, leaving Catalan-speaking families without the option of schooling their kids in their native language.

Ara | Two families from Poble Nou de Benitatxell won’t school their kids if they can’t do it in Valencian
One of the affected parents has asked the Minister of Education of the Valencian Country, Maria José Català, to take into account that “all people are equal before the law, and that our kids, those who choose Valencian, are not second-class citizens”, and she added that “if there is money to keep Spanish language tracks in other places, then there should also be money to keep a Valencian track in Poble Nou”. “Alberto Fabra [the Valencian president] closed down RTVV [the Valencian-language public TV], and it is now shutting down Valencian language tracks and public schools”.

3. 11,000 petitions ask Ban Ki-Moon to pressure Spain on independence referendum

Pro-independence political party Reagrupament, now merged into Convergència i Unió, has started a campaign to send a petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. In the document, signed and sent out by more than 11,000 people, campaigners ask the UN chief to take into account the peaceful struggle of a vast majority of Catalans and intercede in the conflict by convincing the Spanish government to allow the referendum on independence to take place on November 9, 2014:

Reagrupament | We Want to Vote. Let’s Ask the UN
“This is to inform you that millions of citizens in Catalonia, an old nation in Europe with our own language, culture and identity (at present an autonomous region with our own government and Legislative Assembly within the Kingdom of Spain), wish to have a referendum to enable our people to declare the possibility of Catalonia becoming a separate and independent state from the Kingdom of Spain.

[…] We plead you respectfully address the Government of the Kingdom of Spain and request them to allow the celebration of this referendum called for November 9th, 2014”.