Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

1. MEP candidates express solidarity with Majorcan hunger striker

@Gatadenit in display of solidarity with Jaume SastreHelp Catalonia launched a campaign in support of Jaume Sastre, the teacher from Majorca who recently begun a hunger strike calling on the Balearic Islands’ Government “to start real negotiations with teachers” and put an end to the controversial trilingualism decree which has been put in place. The decree has been massively rejected by the Balearic educational community -teachers, students and parents alike- as it is seen as seeking to cut down the role of Catalan language within school.

@HelpCatalonia asked tweeters to take a selfie in solidarity with Jaume Sastre, and hundreds of Catalans followed suit, including MEP candidates @ernesturtasun (Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds) and @ramontremosa (Convergència i Unió), and also MP’s at the Catalan parliament @quimarrufat (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular) and @herrerajoan (Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds), among many others.

The campaign can be followed at #HungerStrikeForCatalan:

2. Forcadell: “We will petition the EU to allow the consultation with support of international law”

Vilaweb’s @lizcastro yesterday hosted another edition of the CatalanTalkEN, a weekly live-tweeted interview to a political, cultural or scientific figures in Catalonia. Yesterday was @forcadellcarme‘s turn, the leader of Catalonia’s major social movement: Assemblea Nacional de Catalunya:

Vilaweb | Carme Forcadell: “We will vote November 9th, we won’t ask permission”
Carme Forcadell asks that people vote on May 25th for one of the parties that defends the right to decide: CiU, ERC, and ICV-EUiA. “We must vote on the 25th, to demonstrate to them that we will vote on November 9th,” she said in the interview on Twitter with Liz Castro, as part of the #CatalanTalk series. Forcadell emphasized the role that the EU will have in the independence process: “If Spain doesn’t let us vote, we will petition the EU to allow the consultation with support of international law.” “Us” she clarified, would be the Catalan Government and Parliament, together with the support of the Catalan people.

3. EU debate: Catalonia stays positive

“Catalonia is fully integrated into the European Union and the Euro zone. Catalans have no intention of leaving either, whatever they choose the future status of their country to be”, reads one of the Government of Catalonia’s latest reports on Catalonia-EU relations: Paths for Catalonia’s integration in the European Union.

CataloniaVotes.Eu | EU debate: Catalonia stays positive
Some EU officials, most notably European Commission President Barroso, have come out and declared that countries such as Scotland and Catalonia, once independent, would immediately (even “forever”!) remain outside the EU. This is a scare tactic and quite simply false. There can be no automatic expulsion of an independent Catalonia from the European Union. The timeframe, even for countries such as Greenland, which actively sought to leave the EU, took five years.

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