The Latest Opinion Barometer, in Seven Graphics

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  • Do You Think Catalonia Has Achieved...
  • Do you believe that Catalonia should be...
  • Do you consider yourself an independentist?
  • If Catalonia was an independent state, how would the living standards of the Catalan people be?
  • If Catalonia was an independent state, how would the coexistence among the Catalan people be?
  • To what extent do you think it is likely that the Spanish government will finally offer an agreement that would be acceptable for a majority of the Catalan parliament?
  • The two questions that the Catalan government aims to ask on the November 9 referendum

Source: CEO Political Opinion Barometer – 1st wave 2014

On Wednesday, 30 April, the Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (CEO, the public office responsible for opinion polls) made public the latest Political Opinion Barometer [press report, pdf], corresponding to the first trimester of 2014. According to this data, those in favour of independence would win an overall majority of 61% if a referendum were held today.

At Catalan News Monitor we’ve selected the seven most representative graphics to understand Catalan citizens’ stance regarding the independence process. Check out the slideshow or visit the source for further information.

Here’s also a quick news roundup with some apparent conflicting views on the subject:

Vilaweb | Latest polls indicate Yes-Yes would earn 61% in Nov 9 independence referendum
47% of the entire body of voters would vote Yes-Yes on the November 9th referendum on independence. According to the data made public today, a Yes answer to the first question (Do you want Catalonia to become a state?) would win 57,6% Yes votes and 19,3% No votes. In the second question (Do you want that state to be independent?) in which only those who had voted Yes would answer, the Yes answer would receive 81.8% of the votes; together that makes up 47% of the entire census.

Associated Press | Poll shows Catalonia independence lacking majority
A Catalonian regional government opinion poll says less than a majority would favor independence from Spain. Results released Wednesday said 47.1 percent would vote in favor of breaking away from Spain. The regional government wants to hold a referendum on Nov. 9, but the Spanish government won’t allow it.

The Guardian | Scotland is getting its referendum – next up Catalonia
Opinion polls show that popular support for such a vote has stabilised at around 80%. Almost two-thirds of the members of our parliament supported the request for delegated powers to hold the referendum. Although Madrid has rejected that, we are not disheartened. We will continue to move forward to fulfil the wishes of our people. – by Artur Mas, president of Catalonia

El País | Independence option stabilised in Catalonia [original in Spanish]
The independentist soufflé seems to have reached the ceiling in Catalonia. Support to secessionism has halted around a high percentage (54.7%) among those consulted in an opinion poll published yesterday by the Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió of the Catalan government.

El Punt Avui | The Yes+Yes option would win by 60.8% [original in Catalan]
Catalonia would become an independent country if the independence referendum expected for November 9 was held today. This can be read from the first CEO Barometer made public after CIU, ERC, ICV and CUP agreed on a double question for the referendum.