Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

Catalonia to forge ahead with referendum on independence | Financial Times (behind paywall)
Catalonia’s president has vowed to press ahead with a fiercely contentious referendum on independence from Spain, warning that he now saw little chance of a negotiated settlement with Madrid that could tackle the region’s economic and political grievances.

Leaders of PP, Ciutadans, PSC, Vox and UPyD attend introduction of “Societat Civil Catalana | Vilaweb
A new group aimed at mobilizing Catalans who are against the independence process is born. Although it introduced itself as free of political affiliations, leaders from the PP, Ciutadans, PSC, and Vox were at it’s first public event and aligned themselves with SCC’s founding principles. Also on VilawebMas: “No matter what happens, Catalonia WILL vote.”

Catalonian feast day fuels Artur Mas in quest for independent region | The Irish Times
Catalan President Artur Mas is determined to push ahead with a November referendum on Catalan independence from Spain, in spite of the setbacks his plan has suffered in recent weeks.

Norwegian and Catalan experts discuss Catalonia’s right to self-determination in Norway | Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia
Norwegian and Catalan academics, journalists and economists participated in a round table debate in Oslo, Norway, on the economic viability of medium-sized economies in Europe, within the EU or EFTA.

April 23rd: the Catalan Valentine’s day | CataloniaVotes.Eu
Saint George has been the official patron saint of Catalonia since 1456. April 23 is one of the annual cultural highlights in Catalonia as the day when people take to the streets to buy books and roses which they give to lovers, friends and family. All of Catalonia becomes one big street festival – a sea of countless stalls selling books and roses, and thousands of people strolling the streets after work to enjoy the atmosphere.

Spanish fascists make Euro election bid | The Local
The list of candidates submitted by two far-right Spanish parties for May’s European parliamentary elections includes people who were arrested for attacking Madrid’s Catalan centre last year and criminals convicted of possessing explosives. Also on The Local: Catalonia chief vows to call independence poll.

Catalonia and Scotland: how they compare to EU nations and Europe’s other separatists – interactive | The Guardian (via AngloCatalans)

Scotland is to hold an independence referendum and Catalan leaders are campaigning for an electoral mandate to do the same. But how would they fare as independent nations? See how Scotland and Catalonia compare with existing EU member states – and where else could seek to redraw the map of Europe.

Interactive at The Guardian - Breakaway Catalonia, Scotland