“Racist, Supremacist and Denialist” say Native Americans, of Spanish Foreign Minister

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Photo: Native Americans, Wikimédia

By: Jordi Palmer
Date: 28th November, 2018

The words of the Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, have minimized and trivialized the death of millions of Native Americans during European colonization, especially in the United States, where he stated that “all that happened was that they killed a couple of Indians”, has led to a huge number of ripostes by Native Americans, who have rejected his words.

The American Indian Movement (AIM), an organisation that fights against racism and the underdevelopment of Native American communities, has expressed a head-on rejection of Borrell and has labelled him a “racist minister”.

In a tweet, the AIM expressed that the minister described the genocide of native peoples in a “supremacist, denialist and pathetic” manner.

In turn, the Lakota writer – a people better known as Sioux- Ruth H. Hopkins, reminded the minister that “millions” of Native Americans died because of “hunger, disease, extreme poverty, war and murder”.

Five million Native Americans

Currently about five million Native Americans live in the United States, representing 1.6% of the massive country’s population. Historically, they have been marginalized in terms of political and social rights, mainly through a policy of imprisonment in reserves which distanced them from their historical settlements.

Present historically throughout all of what is now the United States, they are now concentrated mainly in Alaska, where they represent the majority of the population, and in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Montana and North Dakota and the South, and are represented by a large number of associations – one of the main ones being the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) -, as well as by various media.

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