Ciutadans and PP abstain in the condemnation of the Franco regime in the Senate

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Photo: Spanish Senate (Credit: Stock Image)

By: Editorial Staff
Date:  21-11-18

The plenary of the Spanish Senate today ‘thoroughly’ condemned the ‘pro-Franco dictatorship’ and ‘any act of exaltation of the same’ in a motion by the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party), which received the support of the Catalan pro-independence groups: PNB (the Basque Nationalist Party), EH Bildu (Basque Country Unite) and Units Podem (Together We Can). The PP (the People’s Party), who has a majority in the chamber, Ciutadans (Citizens), Foro Asturias (Forum Asturias), and UPN (Navarrese People’s Union) all abstained. The text also includes the support of the chamber to exhume the body of Franco del Valle de los Caídos. The initiative was approved by 97 votes in favor of the socialist group and 136 abstentions.

This is not the first time that Ciutadans and the PP have avoided condemning the Franco regime. They did so in 2013 in the Parliament of Catalonia, where, during the vote on a motion proposed by ICV (Initiative for Catalonia Greens) condemning the dictatorial regime and Nazism, they left the chamber.

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