Fifteen people withdraw allegations for aggression during 1-O for fear of reprisals

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Photo: A girl shows a rubber bullet fired by the police in the center of Barcelona on October 1, 2017

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By: Editorial Office

Date:  19.11.2018

Fifteen people who had filed complaints about the injuries suffered during 1-O, withdrew the claims they had submitted for fear of reprisals of some kind. This was explained in the ‘El matí de Barcelona’ on betevé (Barcelona Television) by Núria Garrido, president of the Association of Jurists for Human Rights, one of the prosecutors in the case investigated by the court of instruction number 7 of Barcelona regarding the aggressions on the day of the referendum.

According to Garrido, these people are afraid of being investigated, as has happened to Roger Español, who lost an eye as a result of a rubber bullet. Garrido has explained that they are entrepreneurs and traders who are afraid that their names will appear in the summary, and that this can be used against them. The Association of Jurists for Human Rights represents fifty people who suffered injuries during the referendum. According to the government, more than a thousand people suffered injuries that day at the hands of the police.

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