ERC, PDeCAT, Podem and BNG ask the EC to act to “guarantee” a “fair trial” in the case of the 1-O

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Photo: General plan for the Eurocambra plenary session during Juncker’s speech on September 12, 2018. (horizontal)

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Date:  19.11.2018

ACN Brussels .- A group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from ERC, PDeCAT, Podem and BNG have asked the European Commission to act to “guarantee” a “fair trial” in the case of 1-O. In a parliamentary question sent this Monday, members of the European Parliament ask the European Executive if he believes that “judicial independence in Spain is respected.” In the letter sent to the Executive Office of Jean-Claude Juncker following the leaks to the newspaper ‘El Español’ on the distribution of the judiciary linked to the trial of the Catalan pro-independence leaders, MEPs say that “the rule of law is not fully guaranteed in Spain “.

Among the signatories are the MEPs Josep-Maria Terricabras (ERC), Jordi Solé (ERC), Ramon Tremosa (independent of PDeCAT), Izaskun Bilbao (PNB), Ana Miranda (BNG), Tania González (Podem), Estefanía Torres (Podem) and Miguel Urbán (Podem).

The leaks

The spokesman for the PP in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, assured his colleagues that they will control the court judging the 1-O “from behind the scenes”. Cosidó justifies in a chat with the popular senators released by the digital newspaper ‘El Español’ the pact with the PSOE to set up the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), so that the people have nine members and the presidency and the other socialists ten members. “In other words, we get the same numerically but we include an exceptional president, a great jurist with the leadership and capacity for authority so that the ballots are not 11-10, but closer to 21-0. And additionally, controlling the second room from behind the scenes and presiding over room 61”, he stresses.

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