Lesmes vetoed a member of the Catalan government in a meeting for wearing a yellow ribbon

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Photo: Carlos Lesmes (Credit: File photo)

By: Editorial Office

Date:  17.10.2018

The president of the Supreme Court of Spain and the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes, has vetoed the participation of the general director of Modernization of the Administration of Justice of Catalonia in a meeting, because he had a yellow ribbon on his lapel in support of political prisoners. This is explained in a letter by Ester Capella, councilor for Justice of the Autonomous Government of Catalunya. “I consider it inadmissible that the video conference was disconnected and that participation was prevented because of a yellow ribbon,” says Capella to Lesmes.

The counselor maintains that the Catalan government wants to establish a dialogue to improve public service, but says that they will not be humiliated. ‘I demand an immediate rectification. His partisan action adds to the broader decision to ignore injustice, insults and hate speech for ideological reasons, expressed by judges and magistrates in the CGPJ forum, Capella criticizes.


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