5 years prison sentence demanded for two civil guards for torturing a Belgian tourist

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Photo: Civil Guard (Credit: Stock Photo)

By: Gerard Sesé

Date:  18/10/2018

The relations between Spain and Belgium have not been good for a while- the last thing needed was more fuel for the fire, which describes the case explained below.

The trial has just begun for two agents of the Civil Guard allegedly having tortured and illegally detained a Belgian tourist. The Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will judge the two green agents (members of the Civil Guard) for the events that took place on September 14, 2014, when they were called in by a security guard of the Primavera urbanization in the town of Costa del Silence at Arona, due to an alleged public order disturbance.

According to Radio SER, which reported on the Prosecutor’s Office’s report, when the agents arrived at the victim’s home, the Belgian citizen tried to prohibit the entry of the agents, who then dragged him by an arm until he was thrown to the ground “proceeding with brutality and laying themselves on him while one of them immobilized him by twisting his leg while the other beat him in the head with his fist”.

Similarly, according to the prosecutor, “once immobilized, the defendants, with the intention of depriving him of liberty without legal cause that would legitimize them, handcuffed him and transported him to the authority of the Civil Guard. For the Fiscal Ministry the facts constitute a crime of torture and illegal detention for which the sentence of five years in prison and ten of absolute disqualification is requested for each of the defendants.


Original Link: https://www.larepublica.cat/demanen-5-anys-de-preso-per-dos-guardies-civils-per-torturar-un-turista-belga/