VIDEO: Professor Emeritus Allen Buchanan, “The Strongest Case for Catalan Independence”

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The lawsuit over the secession of Catalonia has led to the debate on the self-determination of nations. How to solve a crisis of self-determination? What factors intervene? Is it possible to find a solution agreed upon in such complex litigation?

Allen Buchanan is Emeritus Professor James B. Duke of Philosophy of Duke University (USA) and Professor of Philosophy of International Law at The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London. His broad career in moral and political philosophy has led him to write mainly about issues of bioethics and international justice, including the problem of national self-determination. He is a fellow at The Hastings Center, one of the world’s leading bioethics research institutions and until 2000 he was a member of the National Human Genome Research Institute’s Advisory Board.

Buchanan is one of the theoreticians on the most internationally recognized secession processes since publishing “Secession: the Morality of Political Divorce” (1991), a pioneering text on the subject. He is also author of Self-Determination and Secession (2003), where he broadens his views after the cases of Lithuania and Quebec, among others.

Presented by: Jordi Jiménez Guirao, speaker of the Filosofia Ateneu Barcelonès Section

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