Spanish Unionist protesters intimidate Catalan journalists

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Photo: Camera phone screenshot of some of the aggressors (Credit: Vilaweb)

By: Vilaweb Staff
Date: 12th October, 2018

Some of the demonstrators at Plaça de Catalunya on October 12th, supporting the Spanish unionist cause, threatened, and intervened with journalists who were covering the event, and prevented them from undertaking their work. Some of the journalists were from TV3 and Betevé. According to the newspaper El Mundo, units from the Operational Resources Section of the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan Police] had to protect and escort the TV3 team so they could do their work.

The TV3 board has demanded explanations from the organisers of the demonstration, and demanded they be held accountable, for this aggression. In a statement, they reported that the team “was harassed and assaulted by an uncontrolled group that participated in the unionist event in Plaça Catalunya” and that ‘Betevé’s staff were also screamed at and threatened”. In light of this, they asked that parliament, via the board of the Catalan Media Corporation Control Commission, demand that “the political groups who took part in this, clearly and forcefully reject the aggression against all the media and their workers, and put an end to hostility which singles out CCMA media outlets as ‘fair game’ for political reasons, as this is putting their workers at risk”.

According to a statement from the TVC board, “what happened today is an unfortunate episode, and an indicator of the escalation of political turmoil.” “It is increasingly difficult to cover these events without physical risk to reporters, especially for those from television channels”.

For this reason, they also announced that they have asked that “management demand that the organizers take responsibility for the aggression, as well as the revision of the protocols at such high risk events.”

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