Borrell bans Torra from attending the Union for the Mediterranean so he won’t “speak ill” of Brand Spain

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Photo: Josep Borrell, Spanish Foreign Minister (Credit: La República)

By: Staff Writers, La República

Date:  8th October, 2018

Josep Borrell, the Spanish minister of the interior admitted that his Government vetoed the presence of Quim Torra at the meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean, held this week in Barcelona. “We will not give him a stage upon which to vilify the good name of Spain,” said the Foreign Minister of Spain in a press conference.

Borrell went on to say that Torra “cannot expect to be invited” if he “blackmails” Spanish President Pedro Sánchez by demanding a referendum on self-determination in exchange for supporting his government, or if he “becomes the head of the street agitators”, referring to the CDR organisations around Catalonia.

“If he does all this, he can’t expect an invitation, to an event where, for reasons of protocol, his presence is not strictly required,” he said. According to Borrell, former President Carles Puigdemont attended the last meeting of the UfM in the Catalan capital because he “invited himself”.

President Quim Torra described Borrell’s gesture as “another of his noble and elegant gestures”. The president of the Generalitat announced that regardless “it will assure the planned speech is heard by all the participants”.

“Really, this is yet another one of Mr. Borrell’s notable noble and elegant gestures, in this case to the President of the country where he was born. Do not worry, Mr. Borrell, I will send my speech to all attendees.” The Government vetoed access for Torra, in the Pedralbes Palace, a facility owned by the City Council, and managed by the Generalitat.

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