18,000 people climb “summits for freedom”

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Photo: People at the summit of the Gallina Pelada (Credit: Llibertat.cat)

By: Llibertat.cat writers
Date: 14th October, 2018

“We are a country, and today, from the peaks of Catalonia, we call for the freedom of prisoners, we demand the return of our exiles, we want the annulment of more than 1,000 open cases and we want the freedom to decide our future as a people” .

These are the key words of the manifesto of the “Summits for Freedom” initiative, which this Saturday was read from 18 summits across Catalonia, climbed simultaneously by almost 18,000 people, in order to demand the freedom of political prisoners, exiles and all those currently being charged or oppressed, and as a signal of support for them and their families. “Cims per la Llibertat” was organized by the Catalan Association for Civil Rights, and the summits were chosen by the 18 prisoners and exiles.

Participation across all the peaks exceeded all expectations and the initiative also had a large international impact, as people climbed 11 “twinned” Summits in Europe, North America and New Zealand, and uploaded photos and content from those events. The event played out without any incidents of note.

The event benefited from the collaboration of the Federation of Hiking Organizations of Catalonia and of all the hiking centers in the territory. A total of 41 hiking centers sponsored peaks, meaning that one or more centers were responsible for organizing the ascension of each peak.

All the climbs started between 5 and 9 in the morning, depending on the difficulty of each. Between 12 and 1 in the afternoon, an event was held at the top of each summit, where, among other things, a manifesto was read and a relative of the oppressed person who had chosen the summit, spoke. At the summit of Puigsacalm, it was the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and at the top of the Matagalls, the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent.

Summits climbed in Catalonia: Comabona (1,500 people), Pelada Pelada (2,000 people), Montsec – Tossal de las Torretas (1,000), Tossal del Rei (650), Matagalls (900), Montgrí (1,500), La Mola (1,000), Puigsacalm (1,200), Canigó (250), San Jerónimo (400), Roca Corbatera (1,500), Pica d’Estats (300), Mont Caro (1000), Les Agudes (600), Montsent de Pallars (1,000), Carlit (500), Puigmal (1,000) and Pedraforca (400).

Twinned Summits: Brockhen (Germany), Tombeau du Géant (Belgium), Salla Fort (North Catalonia), Bola del Mundo (Sierra de Guadarrama – Madrid), Randa and Galatzó (Mallorca), Mont Royal (Quebec), Monte Cinto Còrcega), Arthur Seat (Edinburgh), My. Tamalpais (California – USA), Takarunga (New Zealand) and Great Sugar Loaf (Ireland).

In Mallorca

In Cura, on Mallorca, people also came from all over Mallorca to the freedom of political prisoners and the free return of exiles, in association with the “Cims per la Llibertat” action, as reported by the Balears newspaper.

Representatives of the organizing entities, Libertad Valtònyc Support Group, CDR – Mallorca, and ASM, all gave speeches. The president of the OCB, Josep de Luis, was among those who attended.

Also, the members of Music for Freedom were on hand and played several songs from their regular repertoire, which they perform weekly in the Plaça del Cort, in Palma de Mallorca.

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