Figures painted with Catalan flags hung by the neck in Valencia

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Photo: One of the cardboard figures (Credit: ME)

By Angel Martínez
From El Nacional, October 8th, 2018

Drivers arriving in Valencia via the V-21 have been confronted with a clear demonstration of Catalanphobia around the Alboraia area. At least four large human figures made from cardboard, with the Catalan independence flag painted on their chests and backs, were seen hung from wooden poles, next to the dual carriageway. Some of the figures appear as if they have been killed in a hanging, by the neck, and others are hung from their feet, upside down.

These incidents coincide with the eve of the October 9th celebrations and the announcement of numerous anti-Catalan demonstrations to take place in the afternoon of Tuesday, which seem to have triggered a lot of tension in the local population.

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