Video: ‘Casteller’ crowd’s resounding call for independence and freedom for political prisoners

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Photo: The giant ‘estelada’ which moved across the crowd (Credit: @ANCTarragona)

By El Nacional Staff Writers
From 7th October, 2018

The Castellers de Tarragona competition kicked off this Sunday [October 7th] where teams from around Catalonia compete to assemble the tallest human “castles”, with a great clamor in favor of independence from Spain. At the moment Catalan President Quim Torra entered the Tarraco Arena, where the competition is held, the crowd of more than 12,000 called out “independencia” and deployed a giant “estelada” [flag of Catalan independence], which appeared to float over the crowd, moving from the highest stands, to the centre of the arena.

The members of the Castellers groups and the crowd displayed signs and posters demanding the immediate release of Catalan political prisoners, and sang “Els Segadors”, the de facto Catalan national anthem. The emotion was particularly visible in group of the Gausacs of Sant Cugat, the Castellers club of the jailed Counsellor Raül Romeva.

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