Spanish government refuses to investigate ex-civil guard who admitted torture and participation of royals on 23-F

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Photo: Ex-Lieutenant Manuel Pastrana, on TV3 (Credit: TV3)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

From 5th October, 2018

A senator from the Basque EH Bildu Party, Jon Iñarritu, has published the response he received from the Spanish government to a question about the statements made by the former Civil Guard Lieutenant, Manuel Pastrana, on the TV3 programme  ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. The ex-military man, who has published a book, says torture was common in the Basque Country and that he participated in “state terrorism” and in the organization of the 23-F [23rd of February 1981 coup d’état attempt by Lieutenant Antonio Tejero and 200 officers] and that the coup that had been “commanded” from La Zarzuela [the official residence of the King].

Iñarritu asked the Spanish government if they would investigate these statements, if they would investgate whether the 23-F coup had been assembled and directed from the palace of King Juan Carlos, if they would contemplate investigating the claims of torture, and the claims of state-sponsored terrorism which remain unexplained.

In the response, the Moncloa Palace said that the government ascribes no value to Pastrana’s statements and that his words consist of a ‘marketing and advertising campaign’ for his book. In addition, they stated that no investigation will be opened, unless there is a denunciation of the facts in the courts, or with a prosecutor. On the subject of the events of 23-F, the Spanish government says it knows what happened on 23-F thanks to pre-existing court rulings on the case.

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