Spain regresses towards Franco

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Photo: Two men wearing Franco-era flags on t-shirts, at the Valley of the Fallen (Credit: ACN)

By Joan Vila I Boix, La República

From 3rd October 2018

Since August of this year, long queues of cars and people, made up of the nostalgic or the curious, have been observed, waiting to enter the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen). The monument is one of the few examples of fascist architecture devised by the Spanish state, and has been described as an example of “myopic Christian kitsch”. It was built by prisoners of the Franco regime between 1949 and 1958. The buildings were designed by architects Pedro Muguruza and Diego Méndez; the sculptures by, Juan de Ávalos y Taborda.

Video: A recording of kilometre long queues of cars to enter the site.

This September, the monument in honor of the Franco regime received 53,072 visits as reported by the EFE news agency. This figure corresponds to a 113% increase over last year’s figures. In September 2017, in comparison, 24,908 people visited the fascist monument. Since the exhumation of the remains of the rebel general Francisco Franco has been announced, the monument has been visited by 151,365 people, which corresponds to 84,369 more than the previous year.

Last August, a decree was passed, to amend the Law of Historical Memory, which placed public attention on the Valley of the Fallen. Everything points to a continued increase in figures over the remainder of the year, especially given that the [Franco] family wants to bring his ashes to an even more accessible temple, such as that of Almudaina, in Madrid.

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