Email conversations reveal Spanish judges vitriol and hatred of pro-independence Catalans

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Photo: Spanish judges in robes (Credit: Sergi Alcàzar)

By El Nacional staff writers

From El Nacional, 20th September, 2018

Spanish judges have been found to have been exchanging raw, rude messages in the weeks prior to and after October 1st (2017), in which they express hatred and encourage rough treatment  against Catalan pro-independence activists, calling them “coup participants” and comparing the organisers of the 2017 referendum on self-determination, the political prisoners and exiles to Nazis. The content of the messages, sent in an internal digital forum used by the judiciary, was revealed by and

The chat where the messages are broadcast creates a chain of mails, and is received by hundreds of magistrates from all over Spain. Anyone can join the conversation from their judiciary corporate email accounts.

One of the judges states, in a message sent before September 20th, that “a serious situation could be caused by the extremist nature of those who hold power in Catalonia, since there are no moderates. The same thing happened in Germany a few generations back”.

Photo: An email from the judges’ mailgroup, which compares those in power in Catalunya to Nazis

“Coup d’état: victors and the defeated”

However, it is after the referendum on the 1st of October when the tone of the messages in the judicial forum begins to get even more aggressive. “A coup is settled when one side defeats the other, otherwise it is not settled”, said one magistrate on October 6th. “What those leading this coup, and waving coup banners must understand, is that freedom will be defended and whoever pays for it, I insist, will pay for it, in particular in an economic sense.  Between the King (Long live the King!) , La Caixa Bank, Sabadell Bank, they will be up against the ropes. Today, Pilar Rahola calls for moderation,” added another judge in a lengthy message, which went on to mock, sarcastically: “What are they going to do, send their legions? A column of certified masseuses?”

“Long live the National Police!  Long live the Civil Guard!  Long live Spain! Long live our peers who truly maintain legal order” said another judge, in response to judge Federico Vidal, who in another message, dared call the police officers [who enacted violence on citizens] on the 1st of October called “uniformed terrorists”.

Photo: An email from the judges’ mailgroup, which says “the state has the monopoly on force, and for that reason, enough is enough”.

Accusations of sedition and rebellion – the crime that was eventually was levied by judge Pablo Llarena against the principal pro-independence leaders – curiously already appears in a message from a judge who identifies themselves as “Spanish, Catalan and a Judge.” According to them, “what happened on September 6th and October 1st was a coup.” “A clear crime of sedition on September 6th which then became rebellion on October 1st,” according to the email text. “With coup leaders, be it Tejero or any other of them (you know who they are), there can be no dialogue. […] With those attempting a coup, we do not negotiate, or dialogue”.

Photo: Another email from the link, stating “with those attempting a coup, we do not negotiate, or dialogue.”

Supporter of 155

“I have always been a partisan of 155” because “we do not know the intentions the criminals who rub elbows with the extremists in power,” says another magistrate, according to whom “extremists” want “violence” and want “a great tumult to be seen on foreign television”, in yet another email another example of the prejudice and bias with which the judges observed the proceedings of the leaders and pro-independence parties during autumn 2017.

The president in exile, Carles Puigdemont, asked from his Twitter account: “Forgive me, but this is so serious that if there are no consequences, the Spanish monarchy’s judicial system will definitely wiped out. Just whose hands is one of the pillars of every democratic system actually in?”

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