The City of Bétera demands explanation from Spanish Interior Minister for lassitude in policing extreme right

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Photo: Far-right nationalists attend the Valencia Aplec

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

From 15th September, 2018

The municipality of Bétera (in the Camp de Túria region) is demanding explanations from the Spanish interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for lassitude with extreme right wing groups, whom this Friday tried to ruin, unsuccessfully, the launch of the Aplec Festival of the Camp de Túia region.

The Spanish Government Delegation in Valencia pre-authorized an assembly of people, against the celebration of the Aplec, a traditional festival in this region, and the Civil Guard allowed a large number of these people to position themselves within touching distance of the stage, where the opening speeches were being made. The Civil Guard did nothing to prevent them from insulting throwing objects at the organizers, from this point.

The Aplec denounced these occurrences in a statement denouncing the passivity of the Civil Guard and the behavior of the delegate of the Spanish government, whose initial statement said that the response provided was “proportionate”.

The Aplec finished this Saturday with several activities and talks, most of which have had to move indoors to the Ateneo de Bétera due to bad weather. Among others, the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) deputy Vidal Aragonés has participated.

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