“Camping for Freedom” succeeds in blocking the “We Speak Spanish” protest

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Photo: Pro-Catalan education supporters occupy the square, preventing the arrival of the “We Speak Spanish” nationalists

By Carles Palacio, El Nacional

From September 16th, 2018

The assembly by several anti-fascist groups, seeking to prevent the nationalist collective “Hablamos Español” (We Speak Spanish) from arriving at Plaça St. Jaume in Barcelona [ed: where the Palace of the Catalan Parliament is located] to demonstrate has been successful. During the previous night, in front of the Palau de la Generalitat (Palace of the Catalan Government), there were only a dozen tents from those calling themselves “Camping for Freedom”. But as of 9 o’clock, demonstrators convened by the CDRs [Committees for the Defense of the Republic, neighbourhood-led activist organistions] and other organizations began to arrive, and began occupying the square. The Catalan Police, as announced by the Ministry of Interior yesterday, did not disperse the protesters, but limited their activity to ensuring order and keeping people safe, and placed a cordon around the stage being mounted the Plaça de Sant Jaume by Hablemos Español.

Photo: Protestors in favour of continued education in Catalan in Plaça St Jaume

Manifestation Diverted

The Plaça de Sant Jaume filled up progressively and towards 11 o’clock it was full. Although it rained a few times, it remained full. The protesters, who yelled slogans and waved banners in favor of political prisoners and the school being undertaken in Catalan, as well as anti-fascist sayings and slogans in favor of Catalan independence. The most resounding slogan heard motto was “The streets will always be ours”. During the concentration, support and praise for the people from “Camping for Freedom” was called for, along with the release, of political prisoners. Half an hour before the speech of Hablamos Español was to begin at 12 o’clock, workers began to dismantle the stage.

Photo: Workers begin to dismantle the stage, when it is clear there will be no anti-Catalan demonstration

Original Link: https://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/manifestacio-espanyolista-placa-sant-jaume-independentistes_305178_102.html