Autonomous University of Barcelona confirms Rivera lied about his academic qualifications

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Photo: Ciudadanos party leader, Albert Rivera (Credit: EP)

By La República

From 14th September, 2018

Yesterday, in ‘La República’, we explained how economist Xavier Sala-i-Martín pointed out the “mysterious disappearance” of the academic titles of the leader of ‘Citizens’, Albert Rivera, over the years. According to a CV published online by the Cercle d’Economia in 2015, he had two masters degrees (one in Political Marketing from George Washington University and one in Law at ESADE), a Doctorate in Constitutional Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a degree in Law also from ESADE. In 2016, on the other hand, the newspaper ‘La Razón’ made a biography of Albert Rivera in which the doctorate no longer appeared and the master’s degree at the university of the United States had become a simple class. Then later, according to the Spanish Congress website, he only had a BA from ESADE.

This bounced around the social networks (although C’s wanted to pass it off as an error) and – today – ‘Citizens’ has modified the CV of its president on the official website of Congress. Specifically, they have removed the BA in Law, and added a Master’s in law that did not appear on his Congress file previously, but that did appear in the CV published in 2015 on the website of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Today, in addition, the UAB has denied that he is a doctoral student, as the updated CV on his party website says.  The university rector, Margarita Arboix, denied these doctoral studies are ongoing, to ‘Els Matins de Catalunya Ràdio’. Arboix emphasized that it does not appear that he did the thesis and that if he was currently enrolled, Rivera would have had to follow up with the school this September, as, every year, a doctoral student must present their completed work and the supervisor must issue a report . If he or she concludes that the student has not advanced, they are suspended, Arboix asserted. The only thing that Rivera seems to have done at the UAB is “some doctorate courses” in Constitutional Law, which are included in the file about him in the Parliament of Catalonia. On the other hand, the website of the Congress of Deputies did not include any doctoral studies.

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