Adrià Carrasco reports how Spanish police manipulated evidence at his home

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Photo: Adrià Carrasco (Credit: FAQS)

From El Nacional, 9th September, 2018

Exiled member of the CDR (Ed: Commitees for the Defense of the Republic: citizen-led activist groups self-organised by the region), Adrià Carrasco, this Saturday reported on the TV3 program ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ how the Spanish police tried to manipulate the report on the evidence they found in his home.

The young man explained that the police found “cotton and cord” in his house, but that they recorded in the report that they had found “wicks.” He interprets this as an attempt to uphold the accusation of terrorism that has been made against him for having participated in the road block promoted by the CDR.


The judge issued an arrest warrant on April 10 for Adrià Carrasco, who fled into exile before the Spanish police arrived at his house. This week, five months later, Carrasco announced that he is in Belgium and has made public appearances.

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