Assaults by far-right activists Barcelona after unionist march

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Photo: Spanish unionists returning from the manifestation making nazi salutes in Clot metro station. (Credit: @CDRNouBarris)

By Vilaweb staff writers
From 9th September 2018

Today, a Spanish-unionist far-right march moved through the center of Barcelona, behind a banner directed at the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez: “No deals with terrorists or separatists.” The demonstration was convened and supported by the businessman and former civil guard José Manuel Opazo with the support of the ultra-rightwing Vox party and up to sixty associations and movements such as the Convivencia Catala Civic, the Catalan Association of Victims of Terrorism, Entrepreneurs of Catalonia and Somatemps. Once it was over there were several assaults nearby, undertaken by rightwing attendees.

Photo: An attendee shows off his “SS” nazi tattoo (Credit: Vilaweb)

Photo: The banner at the front of the march (Credit: Vilaweb)

At the Clot metro station, a group of people returning from the demonstration assaulted passengers, upon recognizing them as a member of the Nou Barris CDR [Committee for the Defense of the Republic: self-organised pro-independence group] and the well-known Tres Voltes Rebel social club. As one of the victims explained to VilaWeb, the attack happened shortly after they entered the metro carriage. The unionist ultras identified him and three of them immediately began attacking him and his companions. According to his account, he was kicked in the chest, they were punched and scratched, and on the receiving end of homophobic insults.

The attack did not last long because four agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan Police] in plain clothes were present and acted quickly acted, and removed both victims and aggressors to descend from the train at the station in El Clot. The police have confirmed the assault took place, and are also reporting that they have identified the aggressors. After the assault, the victims were taken to a primary care emergency center, after which they intend to file charges. [The CDR of Nou barris posted pictures of the victims wounds on twitter:]

Two injured in Blai Street
There was also an attack on Blai Street in the Poble Sec neighborhood, according to the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan Police]. In addition, they explained that fourteen people were identified as participating in this attack, and that there were at least two wounded. A video recorded by a witness can be viewed here:

The wounded man seen at the end of the video, with a bloodied head explained to VilaWeb that he was at the terrace of a bar with his brother-in-law and wife. As the ultras marched by, they were aggressive and shoves a Spanish flag in his brother in law’s face. This caused them to argue, and he was then attacked.

Photo: Members of the Spanish pro-unionist march

Photo: Members of the Spanish pro-unionist march

Photo: An attendee of the Spanish pro-unionist march is seen with a swastika tattoo

The Mossos d’Esquadra seized an extendable truncheon from one of the attackers, and also filed charges for contempt of the police.

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