Rivera’s right-wingers yellow ribbon removal campaign backfires and sets #RiveraQuitameEste trending

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Photo: Ines Arrimadas and Albert Rivera of Ciudadanos publically removing yellow ribbons honouring Catalan political prisoners (Photo: EFE)

By El Nacional

From 30th August 2018

The anti-yellow ribbon campaign being run by the Ciudadanos party is backfiring, and has set off country-wide vindication of the yellow ribbons hung around Catalunya expressing support for the political prisoners. The backlash is not only in Catalonia, but also across the social networks coming from Spanish progressives around the country, and even from those not in favour of independence.

Journalist Cristina Fallarás coined the hashtag #RiveraQuitameEste [Rivera take this one off me], with the intention of challenging the leader of Ciudadanos to remove a yellow ribbon on Twitter. The campaign has gone viral, and is trending across Spain.

Original Link: https://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/efecte-bumerang-campanya-antillacos-cs-riveraquitameeste_300204_102.html