New international pushback against Llarena, from the European Association Against Corruption

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Photo: Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena (Credit: Archive image)

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From 23 August 2018

This Wednesday [22nd August 2018] The European Association of Citizens Against Corruption (AECC) wrote to the Council of Europe, denouncing the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) for “systematic corruption and continuing prevarication.” The complaint also includes the president of the Supreme Court and the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, its members, the Attorney General and all the deputies and senators since July 1985.

In the document, the AECC accuses the CGPJ of “protecting” judges and magistrates denounced by citizens, lawyers and associations. In particular, they point to the instructional judge of the Catalan sovereignty process, Pablo Llarena, as having been “repeatedly accused.”

The association, which refers to Llarena as the “reported judge requesting protection,” asserted that the CGPJ grants protection “based on the judge’s allegations without taking into account the evidence provided by complainants.”

Accusing prosecutors, deputies and senators

In addition, they consider that the institution seeks “to manipulate the freedom of information and the press across various media, and influence people or entities who bring accusations” in the case against [Llarena,] the judge acting in the cases against main actors in the Catalan sovereignty process.

In the same complaint, the AECC accuses the prosecutor’s office of “abandoning citizens and not prosecuting crimes when these are committed by members of the Justice Administration.” “The Office of the Prosecutor’s Office is limiting the number of prosecutions it opens, and then further limits its own effects by archiving complaints before undertaking any follow up,” they said.

In this supposed “systematic corruption”, the AECC also accused parliamentarians and senators of being complicit collaborators in the system of election of members of the CGPJ.”

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