Felipe VI is obliged to shake Joaquim Forn’s wife’s hand

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Photo: King Felipe VI of Spain shaking hands with Laura Masvidal (Credit: El Nacional)

By El Nacional

From August 17th, 2018

As King Philip VI arrived in Plaça Catalunya to participate in the tribute events for the victims of the 17th August 2017 terror attacks, the usual line up of authorities was present to welcome him. First of all was President Torra, and alongside him Laura Masvidal, the wife of Minister Joaquim Forn, imprisoned for his participation in the October 1st referendum. The president of the Generalitat took it upon himself to present Laura Masvidal to the invited Spanish personalities. Torra wanted to highlight Forn’s absence, who as the Interior Minister was one of the protagonists of August 17th.

Felipe VI shook Masvidal’s hand, almost without looking at her, while she said “I am not the one who should be here.” The queen and the members of the Spanish government present also shook hands with her. She was greeted, among others, by Queen Leticia and President Sánchez. The president of the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes, looked particularly disinterested whilst shaking hands with her.

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