A man is assaulted while hanging ribbons on Lledoners prison

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Photo (Credit: ACN)

A man suffered an assault this Tuesday night when he hung ribbons on Lledoners prision, in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, where the political prisoners will arrive this Wednesday. The aggression took place after a unionist group approached the access roads to this prison in Bages and began to remove the yellow bows that the CDR (Ed: Committees for the Defence of the Republic: citizen-led activist groups, self-organised by region) had previously hung and erase several graffiti.

The assaulted man formed part of the CDR that confronted the unionists who took down the bows. A number of Catalan police – Mossos d’Esquadra – and an ambulance to assist the wounded were sent to the location of the events.

The CDR of Central Catalonia had called a gathering tonight at Lledoners prison to hang yellow ribbons and decide what actions would be undertaken to protest the imprisonment of Catalan political leaders when they arrive in Catalonia.

Original link: https://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/agredeixen-llacos-preso-lledoners_284487_102.html