Spanish police insult and make an English girl cry for speaking Catalan and not Spanish

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Photo: Spanish police officers, in an archive image (credit: Pol Solà)

One of the things that best identifies Spanish nationalism is the superiority it gives to its language in comparison with others, even when it is a language that is as universal as English. This is what happened, as has been reported on Twitter by PDeCAT Congresswoman Míriam Nogueras, to an English girl who agents of the Spanish police insulted for not speaking Spanish.

According to Nogueras, the events occurred in the immigration department of a Spanish National Police station, where the girl had gone to obtain the foreigner’s identity number (NIE). The youngster spoke to the agents in English and they replied that if she did not speak Spanish, they would not understand her. As she did not speak Spanish, she changed to Catalan. “You are a shitty nationalist,” they slurred back. The congresswoman says that the girl left the police station crying and without having obtained the document.

Nogueras also spoke of other cases that embarrass the Spanish police, such as a Polish girl who also wanted the NIE to carry out a work placement in a company through the Erasmus programme. After not accepting her Polish identity document, an agent told her that foreign students could not work in Spain. Although the young woman explained that it was for a university work placement, the official did not want to do the paperwork and said: “If you do not like Spanish laws, leave.”

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