Aznar seems to be starting to see it clearly

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Photo: Aznar (Credit: Vilaweb)

An interview yesterday with José Maria Aznar in a Spanish newspaper. He basically speaks about how to rebuild the Spanish right wing, with a Popular Party (PP) and Citizens party pact. Suddenly, they ask him about the situation in the Principality and the answer is emblematic: “If you give nationalism the chance to win elections, it beats you in elections.” The former Spanish president goes further and adds: “It is difficult to explain, because it is an unusual fact in history.” This means – even if he would never say so – the victory of the pro-independence party in elections is a coup d’état, to him.

I do not know where Aznar gets the idea that this is an unusual event, but I think it is significant that he presents the Catalan situation in such an exceptional way. Hard to explain, he says. The sentence, the construction, the way he formulates it denotes so much despair that it gives meaning to the previous sentence: if you give nationalism (Catalan, he means) the chance to win elections, it will always win them. And, also, a phrase that drops immediately afterwards, when asked how this should be resolved he makes a reference to the law for Spanish political parties. He does not dare to say it yet, but he is clearly thinking about prohibition of the pro-independence parties. If you cannot defeat them, they cannot go to the polls. It is a proposal not dignified for a democracy, but I do not think that’s too important for Aznar.

It’s very curious to note that a few days ago Rivera made a provocative proposal that, really, seeks the same goal, without going so far. Aznar, after all, is not in politics and does not need to walk on eggshells when he speaks. Referring to the Spanish elections, Rivera proposed that no party should be able to enter the Spanish political courts if it does not reach 3% of the votes in Spain. It is the same gesture in a different way. If you cannot beat them, remove them from the competition. If people vote for what you do not like, they cannot vote.

This is the Spanish right and these are its ‘solutions’, which obviously cannot go anywhere. Of course, on the other hand, yesterday – also in an interview – Pedro Sánchez said that the Catalan problem is a political problem and that it should be resolved by political means. And when you expected the current president of the Spanish government to propose a referendum or an agreement to negotiate one, he says beautifully that, therefore, sovereignty must refuse unilateralism. And he wanted to say our unilaterality, not theirs, which they have performed, at the very least, since the sentence against the statute.

They do not know where they are going, they do not know how to face the stubborn reality, they do not know – they have no idea – how to stop us. So, we have everything on our side…

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