Urdangarin’s sentence is confirmed and search warrants are carried out in Catalonia, coincidence?

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Photo (credit: ANC)

The internet does not forgive and nothing ever goes unseen. This is what happened when the news was published regarding the police search this Tuesday morning at the Telecommunications and Information Technologies Center (CTTI) and the Mediapro media group, according to sources at the Catalan Supreme Court of Justice. However, sources from the Department of Economy assure El Nacional that there are also several undercover agents carrying out searches.

Some users suspect the coincidence that the searches coincide with the confirmation of Iñaki Urdangarin’s criminal sentence. The Supreme Court has sentenced the husband of Infanta Cristina to 5 years and 9 months in prison as part of the Nóos case and he will have to enter prison. In this way, the High Court has ratified the sentence, although the prison term has been reduced by five months.

The reactions and suspicions regarding this coincidence did not take long:

The ERC member of parliament in the Congress  Joan Tardà summed it up with two words: “What a coincidence!”.

The first vice-president of the Parliament, Josep Costa, responded to a tweet by journalist Ernesto Ekaizer, where he announced the police searches, indicating: “Preparations for today’s publication of the ruling in the Nóos case.”

Also ERC member of parliament at the Congress Gabriel Rufián has joined the suppositions in ironic fashion:

For her part, Mireia Boya’s, a member of Popular Unity Candidature (CUP) has expressed herself along similar lines saying that “when they reduce the sentence for Urdangarin”, “think about the searches.”

Finally, the ERC deputy chairman and mayor of Caldes de Montbuí, Jordi Solé, stated that he already imagined that these searches would serve to “disguise” a particular sentence.

Original link: https://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/condemna-urdangarin-escorcolls-catalunya-casualitat_277410_102.html