This is how the plot against Torra was designed

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Photo (Credit: El Nacional)

The strategy of Spanishism in Catalonia is: constantly repeat in the media that the independence movement is a minority and then stab it in the back so that it loses all its blood. Block it and defame it politically until, in reality, Carles Puigdemont’s recent electoral victory is useless, is blocked and out of service, that those who follow the starry flag forget independence for a while and only dedicate themselves to trying to stop the blows that are coming at them from all sides. To follow this strategy, Spanishism has been provided with political prisoners and therefore slanders President Quim Torra, to destroy him socially and humanely, accusing him of being racist and xenophobic although everyone knows that it is a lie, mere slander. So much so that some leaders, like the socialist mayor of Tarragona, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, disagree with this unworthy and undemocratic conspiracy. The accusation of racism is very powerful, political butchery, and can deceive some people who are easily manipulated by constant propaganda. It can deceive sensitive and well-intentioned people who are morally concerned, and have a rather naive idea of ​​what, in reality, state policy can do and are unaware of the immense power of falsification of which the state is capable.

There are many types and forms of anti-racism, and it is not only an ideology and a set of attitudes that fights against the discrimination of human beings for ethnic reasons. It can also be a mechanism interested in stigmatizing and expelling from society all those people who, for political reasons, have become uncomfortable in open and democratic societies. Today we can no longer marginalize anyone by accusing them of inferior race, fortunately, but we can marginalize them and destroy them civilly if they are accused of being a racist. There is anti-racism, such as for example the Citizens Party (Ciudadanos), who cares little or nothing about the immigrants who drown every day in the Mediterranean, nor about the abuses against groups of humans with a cutaneous pigmentation different to that which is habitual in our country. It is a discretionary and cynical anti-racism, à la carte, that only manifests itself before the articles and tweets of President Torra before he was named president. It is a false anti-racism that only deceives Ada Colau’s foolishness. My teacher Jean-François Revel stated that: “like all ideologies, anti-racism does not aim to be at the service of the people it intends to liberate, what it really wants is to enslave the people it plans to enrol in its ranks. (…) Acting through terror and not reason, this anti-racism manufactures more racists than it heals. (…) Ideological anti-racism, which must be carefully distinguished from effective and sincere anti-racism, instigates the divisions among human beings in the name of the fraternity that it proclaims. “It is in this sense that the anti-racism of the extreme right of the Citizens Party can be reasonably compared to the anti-racism of Islamist terrorism of the extreme right. It is not necessary to put bombs to be the same. It is an anti-racism that does not serve for concord between human beings nor to dispel the scourge of racism from our society but only to politically censor people and to mount witch hunts. The tolerance defended by the politicians of Citizens Party is based on the same idea of ​​tolerance as the Islamist extreme right-wing and as that of Le Pen. “It is one-way”, explains the philosopher Jean-François Revel, “it is the one that Muslims demand exclusively for themselves and that they never use when it comes to others.” Today, the poisonous stain of the European far right spreads over the territory of political correctness. It is presented as a moderate and sensible ideology when, in reality, it is a traveling companion of extremist intolerance, about which they never say anything. The extreme right today is cleverer than the one of the past and it no longer wears black shirts or blue dungarees nor performs paramilitary parades. What it does is present itself deceptively, hypocritically, as an advocate of virtue and democracy. It has no choice. Our society today is the most thoughtful and moralistic of all history and, on the other hand, the whole world can see what levels of real goodness we have reached together. Searching naively for absolute good, we will eventually find, if we continue like this, absolute evil. Our society – and also the ultra-right that camouflages itself within it – does not cease to fill its mouth with solidarity, humanitarian aid, peace processes, tolerance, exclusion from exclusion, punishment for the violation of human rights, condemnations of crimes against humanity. There are changes in international law such as international search and seizure orders, which in theory should serve to extradite alleged perpetrators of serious crimes against society and, in reality, are used to punish rappers who have done nothing but socialize their anger, their impotence in the face of injustice. Yes, indeed, the conspiracy against President Quim Torra is an extreme right-wing ideological plot.

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