Attempt to ban the Catalan flag from the final of the Queen’s Cup

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Photo (credit: Efe)

Luis Rubiales, the new president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, wanted to avoid seeing any Catalan flags at the Queen’s Cup. After Barça Feminine won the final of the competition, the goalkeeper Laura Ràfols, captain of the team, wanted to continue the tradition of lifting the trophy accompanied by the Catalan flag. But this time there was controversy.

After having already tied the Catalan flag  to the cup, Rubiales spoke with the Barça captain to make her use the flag that represents all Catalans. Not understanding the decision, she listened to him at first, but ended up disobeying him, and put the Catalan flag on the cup.



In this way, as has been usual in the celebrations for the Barça women’s team, the Cup was lifted accompanied by the Catalan flag. And despite what was spoken about, in the end it was not possible to avoid the Catalan flag accompanying the title next to Barça.

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