Belgium to investigate espionage activities of Spanish secret services

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Photo: Carles Puigdemont (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff

From June 13th, 2018

The Belgian authorities will investigate whether Spanish secret services tracked Carles Puigdemont without his knowledge. The investigation was initiated by the Committee of Surveillance of the Belgian intelligence services, known as the R. Committee, following a request made by the N-VA Flemish party’s Peter Buysrogge, as reported by the newspaper De Tijd and subsequently picked up by Politico Europe.

Buysrogge said: ‘I want to know if there has been an intervention by the intelligence or Spanish security services (CNI) in our territory and, if so, whether it happened with the knowledge of the Belgian federal security services.’ The request is as a result of investigations by the Belgian police on the use of various secret agents and the placement of a GPS geo-locator under the Puigdemont car while in Belgium.

The Belgian police were already investigating the GSM cards from the geo-locators found in President Puigdemont’s car. These geo-locators, or trackers, were denounced to the Belgian authorities by the police officers who were serving as protection to the president of the Generalitat voluntarily.

According to VilaWeb, the cards that were placed in the two geo-locators were neither Spanish nor Belgian, which could mean that the secret service of a third country participated in the operation. The Belgian police were already following the track to determine who had acquired them, and where and with whom they were communicating. The hypothesis that the CNI installed them illegally without a court order was not ruled out, explaining the use of a non-Spanish card, in order to make tracking the origins more difficult in the case of an investigation.  If this was the case, this would be a crime, punishable in Belgium.

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