Sánchez’s right hand at the Moncloa Palace was the man behind Albiol’s anti-immigration video

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Photo: Video screenshot (Credit: El Nacional)

By El Nacional Staff

From June 7th, 2018

A consultant and communication expert, a graduate in Communication and Humanities from Deusto, in Redondo, he was attached to Sánchez after his return to the Secretary General position of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party). Redondo then gained influence in the orbit of the now-head of the Spanish Executive, until he became Sánchez’s right hand in the Moncloa palace.

Redondo was also head of the cabinet of the Partido Popular member José Antonio Monago, president of the Board of Extremadura and worked for Antonio Basagoiti, an former candidate of the Basque Partido Popular for the position of Lehendakari [President of the Basque Country].

In 2007, the communications expert made Garcia Albiol’s collaborators a video that related immigration to Badalona with citizen insecurity, which was labeled xenophobic and racist. In 2011, Albiol was elected Mayor. Redondo also designed a campaign for Alicia Sánchez-Camacho for the Presidency of the Generalitat.

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