Grande-Marlaska, the judge who didn’t prevent torture, will be Sánchez’s new minister of the Interior

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Photo: Fernando Grande-Marlaska (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb

From 6th June, 2018

Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska is the new Spanish Interior Minister and replaces Juan Ignacio Zoido. He was accused of not having prevented torture against forty young men charged for allegedly belonging to an illegal organization. They were finally absolved. There are numerous cases of allegations of torture during the incarceration of people he ordered arrested. The video below is from the ‘PFV’ program on November 7th, 2014, on Basque Public Television EiTB, in which Grande-Marlaska was interviewed. Journalist Alberto Pradilla describes the various accusations against him, to him [in Spanish]:

Grande-Marlaska temporarily replaced Baltasar Garzón in the Spanish National Court and was especially belligerent against the Basque left-wing pro-independence defendants. He is currently a judge of the Spanish National Court, where he instructed cases against members of ETA and Arnaldo Otegi. In 2013 he was appointed Speaker of the General Council of the Judiciary having been recommended by the Partido Popular (PP).

Another of the scandals in which he played a starring role was the attribution of the accident of the Iak-42 aircraft in Turkey in 2003, with sixty-two dead Spanish military, to the incompetence of the crew. Grande-Marlaska exempted the minister Federico Trillo and the Ministry of Defense from any responsibility for the contracting and purchase of a defective apparatus. In addition, in 2007, he opened a trial for insults against the Spanish crown to several workers in the satirical magazine El Jueves.

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